June Color of the Month: Sherwin-Williams Arugula (#SW6446)

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Arugula: uh-roo-guh-luh. According to Mr. Webster, this fancy lettuce is: “A Mediterranean plant of the mustard family, having pungent leaves used in salad.”

From a designer’s perspective,  the bold Arugula (#SW6446, picked as Sherwin Williams June’s color of the Month) exemplifies how adventurous one can go with color in their living spaces.  

A bright, audacious splash of color can be welcome stimulus to the eye, especially when interior/architectural detailing is minimal.  Stunning color can dress up a simple drywall surface and offer the attention an interior space may need — these colors can be expressive and fun, especially for playful and active rooms. 

Arugula #SW6446 may not be a  “go-to” color for everyone, but it serves as a brilliant reminder that being a bit daring with color can bring life and interest to interior spaces.